26 ways for schools to raise funds and have fun!

Hold these small fundraisers periodically throughout the school year; small donations add up. By now, most of your supporters have already used text-to-give technology at some point, so they’re likely familiar with the process. However, it’s a good idea to include a brief explainer (or walkt-hrough image) for those who might be exploring this option for the first time.
Virtual fundraising has taken precedent in the last few years, and its popularity (and convenience) remains high. After all, online fundraisers are not bound by geographic limitations, allowing supporters to give wherever and whenever they’d like. More than likely, your school offers some sort of art class. Make the most of it by enabling students to create masterpieces that you can then sell (or auction off) at your upcoming art show fundraiser.
Students must be told to have their order forms and money collection envelopes so you and your teammates can verify their progress on your assigned check-in days. This is also an excellent time to check to ensure that money is being collected with the orders. Another factor that must be considered is effective strategies that will enhance motivation. You can no longer throw a prize flyer at them and assume results.
A plate cost $40,000 for dinner with the President and included Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. If you’re a smaller campaign, you could do this with a local celebrity and set the price accordingly. Firstly, set a date and time for your clean up event (ideally the weekend of Earth Day). Get your volunteers to collect pledges from family members, friends, local businesses, and neighbors in your community. Choose a venue and make sure there’s enough seating for your audience. Chances are the weather won’t be warm enough to organize a movie night outside.
Too many are hurting financially but would like to support but are not able to. Students can dress up in their costumes and you can even have a contest for best costume. Charge a fee to enter the dance and a small extra fee for the haunted house. Kids love to draw, and this is a great way to encourage them to get creative. Have your students work on drawings of their favorite things, or other custom themes.
The signup sheet must include the address or office number of the individual being flocked. For a price, people can sign up to flock to their neighbors, co-workers, friends, or family. Many businesses are invested in the potential of student-athletes. Therefore, they host spirit nights year-round for football teams and other groups.
Thrill school fundraising idea with a package of theme park tickets. Your audience will see the exponential value of a name dedication. This ensures that your big-ticket items, like travel packages, can excite guests and generate more bids without risking your event budget. They’re an excellent solution for schools who hope to auction off upscale items but might not be able to procure them otherwise. This guide will walk you through our favorite school auction ideas that are sure to rock your next auction.
Incorporate fall décor to grab the attention of passersby and create a cozy ambiance. Creating one of the most iconic tokens of love and starting a chocolate revolution. Students and staff submit their all time family favourite recipes, along with a photo and this is turned into a cookbook.
Place a raffle ticket inside of every balloon, and charge $1 for each balloon. Everyone will pop the balloons they purchase to find their raffle ticket. Gather your friends together on the lawn with pillows, blankets, and pajamas for a cozy movie night. Parents can help pick a film with a meaningful theme that connects to the cause. Set up a hot apple cider or hot chocolate table for a twist on the classic lemonade stand.
$2 bar programs can raise more money selling fewer bars, but $1 bar programs are still popular. Although we do not recommend crowdfunding for elementary schoolers, middle and high school students can participate in various ways. Students should tell their stories via video and a written summary and tap into their social media networks to spread the word. ABC Fundraising® provides dozens of Unique Fundraising Ideas with Ultra High Profit!